Where they are the most beautiful in our opinion

Bar sa Punteta
As if it had been made of driftwood, the bar sa Punteta in the Cala d’Estellencs, nestles under a ledge on the cliffs. Some white plastic chairs, music, bottled beer, a bag of chips. There is not much more, but it does not take more for the conclusion of a sunny day. Unfortunately the shop closes at around 8.30pm.
Cala d’Estellencs,

Xiringuito Embat
Just like the locals: on Wednesdays, starting at 7 pm, the new Xiringuito Embat, a wooden house with attached terrace, organizes its after-work party. Then there’s Gin Tonic, made from Catalan Gin Mare, and live music, often by the old, bearded saxophonist Nicolás. All in the middle of the well-kept sandy beach of Port de Pollença, three meters from the nearest lifesaver tower.
Port de Pollença, beach section 18, about 1.5 km south of the port

El Sol Sunshine Bar
Healthy mix: As faceless as the new buildings in Retort beach resort Son Serra de Marina also act, as bright and cheerful is the El Sol Sunshine Bar. Casual house music, nice service, great salads, and also the audience fits: a mix of Spanish extended families, tattooed Berliners and Scandinavian surf hippies. It is best to get a seat on the sofa terrace at the blue hour.
Son Serra de Marina,

Tres Mes
When the shadows on the beach get longer, Artà slowly wakes up to life. The small town at the foot of a castle hill with pilgrimage church has become the center of German-speaking fine tourism. I liked it best at the tree-lined Plaça de Conqueridor, where the tapas bar Tres Mes puts orange director’s chairs outside the door. Here guests, with a glass of ice-cold Rosado, have the best view of everything that has passed by.
Artà, C/. Ciutat 3,

Café l’Antiquari
Formerly an antique shop, today a favorite place in Palma. Café l’Antiquari is a small, blood-red restaurant full of vintage furniture. It is populated by guest DJs, expats and locals from the creative industry. Three coveted tables are outside, where the old town alley merges into a steep staircase. Try the Mojito with Herbes Dulces, a Mediterranean vegetable liqueur. And when the tables are occupied, which they are likely to be, you are sitting on the stairs.
Palma, C/. Arabí 5

Sa Duaia
Plaster statues and wooden careful of geraniums, and then this showcase with multi-tier cream pies! From a visual point of view, the rustic excursion Sa Duaia north of Artà was not my favourite. But the terrace, the view! I did not want to leave. While other guests were already working on enormous grill plates full of fish, I was still sitting happily on my ornate wicker chair – the red sun in the view, which sank behind a skyline punched with force in the sky.
Artà, Carretera Cala Torta, km 8,

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