Mallorca has many scenic attractions

Mallorca has a lot to offer in terms of landscape: from the “Talaiots”, over the rocks and cliffs, over the salt pans to old water mills.

Salines de Llevant

Mallorca is one of the most popular holiday destinations of the Germans and meanwhile word has spread that the Balearic Island offers impressive attractions far away from the beaches and the Ballermann. One of these highlights are the white-glittering salt mountains of Ses Salines, which can be explored on sightseeing tours.

Four times a day, there are the interesting guided tours through the 140 saline basins of the Salinas de Levante, during which the visitors meander on narrow bridges through the pools. At the beginning of the 90-minute sightseeing tour, salt production is explained and binoculars are distributed. The binoculars are usually used quickly, because the tour through the salt works not only teaches a lot about the salt production, but is an impressive natural experience. Bushes, reeds and rushes grow along the edges of the pools, proudly stilted waders wade through the ponds and even flamingo swarms are not uncommon. The abundance of bird species makes the salt fields in Mallorca a precious ecosystem.

Just as impressive as the great Salinas de Levante are the smaller Salinas de S’Avall on the outskirts of Colonia de Sant Jordi. Here, too, visitors learn everything about salt production and can optionally attend a tasting.

Guided tours of the salt pans

Salinas de Levante

Guided tours four times daily between 1st April and 30th October.

Salinas de S’Avall

Guided tours twice a day, 10 o’clock 3-hour tour with tasting.

Mirador es Colomer

At the end of the world. Or almost. The Cap de Formentor in the north of the island juts into the water, barren and stormy, with the rock breaking steeply towards the sea. The Mirador es Colomer, a short, concrete cliff path, connects three magnificent vantage points. I look over a stone wall more than 200 meters into the depth, where the sea thunders against the rock, on small islands and on Menorca. And no, this mirador is not an insider tip.

Ses Païsses

This Talayotic settlement is one of the best preserved of the island; it was inhabited from 1300 BC. to Roman rule in the 1st century BC. Impressive are the main entrance and the outer wall, which consists of tons of megalithic blocks. The centrally located talaia (Watchtower) is said to have been the residence of the chiefs; good brochure in German. | After the disused railway station turn right at Carretera Artà-Capdepera (signposted)

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