Wine is one of the most important products in Mallorca

Each winery has its own special way of working. The classic production dominates in many, while others focus on the production of wines of international character, and still others want to establish and maintain the Mallorcan wine as a cultural element.

This subdivision is in itself a way to categorize the wines and choose the right one for each specific taste. There are many authorized grape varieties on the island, but the amount of autochthonous wine is relatively small. This fact is due to additional difficulties in producing the wines in question.

Mallorca has about 70 wineries (“Bodegas”) and in recent years many winegrowers have opened their doors to visitors, offering tours and tastings. A well-known route crosses the “denomination of origin” (D.O.) Binissalem, which is paved with centrally located wine-growing villages such as Santa Maria del Cami, Consell, Binissalem, Sencelles and Santa Eugenia.

Discover the world of island wines! Tours for every taste, from VIP, via helicopter to group tours can be booked at Wine Tours while discovering the diversity of the island’s award-winning wines.

Or discover the variety of excellent wines produced in Mallorca by visiting one of the many wine fairs that take place each year on the island, or just drive by in one of the bodegas and there join a wine tasting.

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